<h3>Old Town Park Project</h3>
<p>Goleta is in the process of creating a four acre at the corner of Hollister and Kellogg Avenues.   The public engagement process is underway and the City wants to hear from the neighbors and local residents about what type of amenities should be in the park. </p>
<h3>Los Carneros Overhead Bridge Replacement Project</h3>
<p>This project will replace the Los Carneros Overhead Bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad. The new bridge will provide two through lanes in each direction, a free right turn lane from northbound Los Carneros to southbound Route 101, Class II bike lanes in each direction and a sidewalk on the west side.</p> <h3>Las Vegas San Pedro Creeks Culvert Replacement</h3>
<p>This CalTrans project will construct capacity improvements to both Las Vegas and San Pedro Creeks at Calle Real, Route 101, and at Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) by replacing the existing culverts with larger volume bridge structures.</p>

Welcome to Project Goleta

There’s a feeling of optimism in Goleta as our city continues to improve and better serve its residents. Signs of progress are everywhere, with 22 active capital improvement projects with a price tag of $106 million underway in our city.  From park upgrades and flood control to traffic roundabouts and bike paths, Goleta is on the move.

A comprehensive presentation was made to the City Council and Planning Commission on February 20, 2014 to identify the major development and capital improvements underway and scheduled for our City.  You can download a PDF of the four parts here.

Major Development and Related Capital Projects – 140220-Intro

Major Development and Related Capital Projects – 140220 – Part 2 – East City Limit to Fairview

Major Development and Related Capital Projects – 140220 – Part 3 – Fairview to Storke

Major Development and Related Capital Projects – 140220 – Part 4 – Storke to West City Limit

This website is designed to keep you informed about the many improvements taking place in our city. We are confident that the short term inconvenience that comes with construction will more than pay off for Goleta’s future. We thank you for your cooperation and we welcome comments and questions.