Patterson Avenue Sidewalk Infill

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The constructed approximately 750 linear feet of new curb, gutter and sidewalk along the west side of Patterson Avenue between Debbie Street and Hollister Avenue.

Purpose and Need

Pedestrians walking this section of Patterson Avenue tend to walk in the street due to a gap in the sidewalk at this location. Patterson Avenue connects with two busy intersections at Hollister Avenue and at the 101 Interchange.

The City of Goleta installed new sidewalks, driveways, curb and gutter to eliminate this gap in the sidewalk along this section of Patterson Avenue. This sidewalk infill project will improve pedestrian safety.

Funding Source

The City was awarded $50,000 through the Measure A Alternative Transportation Grant Program. Other funding sources include Measure A Local Funds and State and Local Partnership Program (SLPP) funds.

This project was completed at the beginning of March 2014.

This page last updated on March 24, 2014

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